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Have a personal painting made of those people you care most about

Create lasting memories with a personalized painting of your loved ones. Our specialty lies in bringing personal stories to life through meticulously hand-painted paintings.

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Satisfaction Guarantee


Based on 96 reviews


Based on 96 reviews

Personal Paintings Made to Order

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Photo to painting
Photo to painting
Photo to painting

Painted with attention to every detail

Painting a stunning piece of art is an intricate process that involves several steps, and it takes an artist years of training to develop skills necessary

Original Image

Custom Dog Painting Step 1

Sketch & Outline

Custom Dog Painting Step 2

Base Colors

Custom Dog Painting Step 3


Custom Dog Painting Step 4

Highlights & Final Result

Custom Dog Painting Step 5

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with the promise of most of your money back if your are not fully satisfied within 60 days of receiving your painting.

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Hand-Painted From Your Photographs

All of our paintings are personal and customized, and painted based on your own photographs. We can paint almost anything, and customize it to fit your needs.

Each painting is painted with an emphasis on detail, and with a high degree of quality. We strive to make the painting a lasting memory that can be handed down to future generations, and that’s why we go to great lengths to paint each painting to perfection.

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That artist working in his workshop

Bjørn Art painted a beautiful painting of my grandmother

I had an old photo of my grandmother, Katrine, which Bjørn Art helped me paint into a beautiful painting. He where very helpful with all the questions I had, and made sure to paint the painting exactly to my wishes.

Memories That Last Forever

Quality takes time, and this is especially true for paintings. The process starts with a dialogue to identify your needs and requirements before we make you an offer. Hereafter, once a deposit of 30% is paid, the painting process will start, which usually takes about one week.

When the painting has been approved, the remaining 70% is to be paid, and the painting is shipped after payment confirmation.

The total processing time from start to finish usually takes between to 2 to 3 weeks.

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Susan & Her Daughter Anna

Sometimes we get a special request to restore an old photo, and sometimes it’s simply not possible because of the state of said photo. A while back, we had a client who wanted to restore an old photograph and have it painted into a real painting. In this case, the photo was in a bad state, but not so bad that it made the task impossible.

The painting was done in black and white and was an attempt to recreate and restore the photograph as a painting. The result returned out extremely well – the faces was almost identical to those from the photo – and the client was naturally very pleased with the result.

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Painting restoration of a old photo

To Those You Care
The Most For

We paint genuine paintings and drawings based on your personal photos, shipped directly to your door. Contact us today, and we will get back to you with a personal offer for a painting or drawing.

How Does It Work?

Send Photograph

You will receive a personal offer within 24 hours, which you can freely accept or reject.

Deposit & Painting

The painting commences after a deposit of 30% has been paid, and usually takes about 3 weeks to finish.

Accept & Shipment

The painting is shipped after it has been approved, and the remaining 70% is paid.

Paintings On Order

Welcome to Bjørn Art – we create personalized oil paintings on order, painted based on your photographs. We strive to create a good experience for our customers by preserving memories with personal and genuine oil paintings.

We have a network of talented professional artists who are ready to create your beautiful paintings. We offer a vast number of different sizes, from 20x30 cm all the way up to 80 x 100 cm, and sometimes even larger (we can accommodate most requests). Our prices start from 1.480,00 kr. – yes you heard that right, a genuine hand painted oil painting for less than 1.500,00 kr!

How to have a painting made

Start by filling out the form on this page, and with this information, we’ll send you an e-mail within 24 hours with your personal offer for a painting. We’ll make sure to have a proper understanding of your requirements before we start the painting. If you are happy with the price, a deposit of 30% has to be paid before the order is confirmed.

As soon as the initial payment of 30% has been received, we’ll start the artwork within a day or two. The painting process takes between a few days to a few weeks – it all depends on the size and complexity of the painting.

When the painting is done, you’ll receive a confirmation and a photograph of the result. In case you want to make some adjustments to the painting, which is not out of the agreed scope, this is the time for you to do so. Send us some feedback, and we’ll make up to two corrections accordingly. When you are satisfied with the result, the remaining 70% must be paid.

When we have received the remaining payment, we’ll ship the painting directly to your home. We ship the painting without a frame, rolled up in a tube. The shipping is free and takes up to one week.

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