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Have a Portrait Painting Made and Surprise Your Loved One

A hand-painted portrait is truly a unique gift, perfect for those you love on their most special days.

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Satisfaction Guarantee


Based on 96 reviews


Based on 96 reviews

Portrait paintings we've made

Painting a baby we did for a client
Portrait Painting of Woman
Portrait painting of man
Portrait of a man

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with the promise of most of your money back if your are not fully satisfied within 60 days of receiving your painting.

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Painted with attention to every detail

Painting a stunning piece of art is an intricate process that involves several steps, and it takes an artist years of training to develop skills necessary

Original Image

Custom Dog Painting Step 1

Sketch & Outline

Custom Dog Painting Step 2

Base Colors

Custom Dog Painting Step 3


Custom Dog Painting Step 4

Highlights & Final Result

Custom Dog Painting Step 5

Great service and a beautiful painting!

The service I received from Bjørn Art was excellent: they helped me understand what I wanted but also made sure that my needs was met. The painting turned out beautiful and is now displayed in my living room perfectly.

Portraits Painted From Your Photographs

With years of experience painting portraits, we can paint almost everything, and most certainly everyone! Most popular is probably portraits of kids, which is most commonly gifted to parents or grandparents.

We can customize the portrait to suit your needs, whether that is to change the background, colors or adding multiple people together, forming a complete and uniform painting.

Contact us today, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a personal quote for a portrait painting.

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Portrait paintings of kids

Portrait Paintings on Order

Have your portrait painted by a professional artist, based on your personal photographs. We have lots of experience painting single portraits, or portraits with multiple people.

Portraits Painted From Your Photos

We paint the portrait paintings based on the photos you send to us, and we can make adjustments to the portraits based on your requirements. All of our portraits are painted with high quality oil paints on canvas, which is sure to last for a long time – perfect for a lasting memory.

Quality Takes Time

Painting a portrait with a high degree of detail and quality takes time. The whole process from first contact to delivery takes normally up to 3 weeks, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. It's also highly dependent on the painting: if we need to paint a large portrait painting, with many people, it naturally takes longer.

This Is How It Works

Contact & get a quote

The process starts by using the contact form here on the page. It's quite important that you send us a photograph with a relatively high resolution. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

Accept Quote & pay deposit

When you want to accept the quote, a deposit of 30% is to be paid. When the payment has been received, the order is confirmed, and we'll start the painting as soon as possible

Wait for painting to finish

When the painting is finished, we'll send you a photograph of it, for you to approve. We'll allow a few adjustments if needed.

Pay remaining amount

When you are satisfied with the painting, the remaining 70% is to be paid. When the remaining payment has been received, we'll ship the painting directly to your home.

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Painted by hand
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From your photos

A Special Request

A while ago, a guy contacted us with a very special request: him and a group of friends wanted to surprise their friend who was getting married. The had an inside joke going around in their friend group and thought of the perfect gift.

They wanted to put his face on the body of Nicholas Cage, or rather a manipulated picture of Nicholas cage. We went back and forth many times to select the correct photo, and the client even ended up taking a photo of their friend for this purpose.

We transformed a picture of their friend with the body of Nicholas Cage into a beautiful painting, which the friend group gifted to him at his wedding.

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Reproduction painting of guy and Nicholas Cage

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We Have Lots Of Experience With Portraits

With portraits being the most popular type of painting, we have gained a lot of experience doing them. Rest assured that we are going lengths to paint a portrait that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Portrait painting of a man
Wedding portrait of a couple
Portrait painting of a woman
Portrait of three kids

How Does It Work?

Send Photograph

You will receive a personal offer within 24 hours, which you can freely accept or reject.

Deposit & Painting

The painting commences after a deposit of 30% has been paid, and usually takes about 3 weeks to finish.

Accept & Shipment

The painting is shipped after it has been approved, and the remaining 70% is paid.

To Those You Care
The Most For

We paint genuine paintings and drawings based on your personal photos, shipped directly to your door. Contact us today, and we will get back to you with a personal offer for a painting or drawing.

Have a portrait painting made from your photos

Welcome to Bjørn Art, your go-to destination for personalized portrait paintings painted from your photographs. With a diverse portfolio covering portraits, children, weddings, pets, dogs, and cats, our handcrafted paintings turn your favorite photographs into beautiful, lasting memories.

Each painting we create is a labor of love, using high-quality oil paints on durable canvas, ensuring your art piece stands the test of time. We understand the importance of personal touches, and that's why we tailor each portrait to your specific needs. Want to alter the background or colors? Or include multiple people in your portrait? Just let us know, and we'll create a piece that's uniquely you.

Our process is transparent and customer-centric. Once you submit your request, we get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. Once you're ready to proceed, we start with a 30% deposit. After your painting is complete, we're happy to make minor adjustments to ensure it's just the way you like it. You pay the remaining 70% only when you're completely satisfied with the final product, which we then ship directly to you.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of turning a photo into a portrait painting, but not sure what it might look like, be sure to check out our previous work. You might get a chuckle out of our special request where we put a customer's face onto the body of Nicholas Cage as a unique wedding gift.

Got questions? Need more information? We're always here to help. Reach out to us via email or phone for any customer support you need. Discover the joy of transforming your cherished photographs into a masterpiece with Bjørn Art!

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